Prophets and Personal Prophecy (Volume 1)

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The spirit realm of man is where divine love and faith operate; the soul harbors our emotions, reasoning, imagination and soulish desires; and our flesh contains our five senses, including our feeling. Reasoning is in the mind, not in the spirit. Because of this, our traditions, beliefs and strong opinions are not a true witness to prophetic truth.

In fact, these faculties often bring doubt, confusion, resentment, rejection and rebellion against true personal prophecy. Sometimes our head may say "No" while our heart says "Go. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Would he "bear witness" to that word? Probably not, because of his tradition and his emotional tie to Mary.

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Likewise, what if you prophesied water Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy baptism by immersion to a Presbyterian or speaking in tongues to a traditional Baptist? You would probably receive the same reaction.

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The challenge today is that most people cannot discern between a negative soulish reaction and the spirit's lack of witness to something. The spirit reaction originates deep within our being. Many Christians describe the physical location of its corresponding sensation as a feeling in the upper stomach or lower chest area.

A negative spirit-witness, with a message of either "No," "Be careful," or "Something's not right," usually manifests itself with a nervous, jumpy or uneasy feeling, a deep, almost unintelligible sensation that something is not right. This sensation can only be trusted when we are more in tune with our spirit than with our thoughts. If our thinking is causing these sensations, then it could be a soulish reaction rather than the Spirit bearing a negative witness. When God's Spirit does bear witness with our spirit that a prophetic word is right, is of God and is according to His divine will and purpose, then our spirit reacts with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

There is a deep, unexplainable peace and joy, a warm, loving feeling or even a sense of our spirit jumping up and down with excitement. This positive sensation assures us that the Holy Spirit is bearing witness with our spirit that everything is in order, even though we may not understand all that is being said,.

Six Principles of Proper Response to the Prophetic or the soul may not be able to adjust immediately to all the thoughts being presented. Don't do what you don't witness to. If there is neither reaction nor sensation in the spirit, but rather more of a neutral feeling, then it is a "wait and see" situation.

The spirit is saying, "Nothing to get excited about, nothing to get worried about. If the prophecy is of God, it will all come to pass, and we will fulfill God's will. In closing, to properly bear witness to a prophetic word, we must understand the issue of new revelation as opposed to confirmation in a prophetic word. Sadly enough, there is a teaching being ministered that prophecy is only for confirmation. In its current form, this teaching insists that we should reject any personal prophecy that presents a thought which is totally new to us. It claims that God will only speak in prophecy things we have already heard from Him in our own spirit, serving merely as confirmation.

This is the ideal but not the real. There is no doubt that prophecy is received and borne witness to more easily and immediately when it is a confirmation of things which have already been considered by the person who is receiving the prophecy. But I believe we are seeking a false sense of security when we insist that God will never have a prophet tell us anything unless He has told us first.

In fact, I think we are indulging ourselves in a proud ego trip to claim that God. Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy must always speak to us first, personally, before He can speak to us through someone else. There is no scripture to support such a belief. Allow me to give you a few scriptural illustrations revealing that a prophet can speak new things to a person from God which that person had never before thought of or considered.

For example, David, as a young shepherd boy was anointed by Samuel with a prophecy that he would become king. We have no indication that this young man had ever before even dreamed of ruling Israel. We see Elisha as a farmer who had no thoughts of going into ministry until Elijah the prophet revealed that he would be a prophet. Jehu had no idea that he might someday be king of Israel until Elijah revealed it to him. Paul received his first insight that he would be an apostle to the Gentiles, not from Jesus on the road to Damascus, not from the inward voice of the Holy Spirit, but rather from Ananias when he prophesied the word of the Lord and ministered healing to him.

We cannot reject the word of a prophet or consider it inaccurate simply because we have not already been thinking about what is prophesied.

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God uses the prophets to speak new truth, not only to the Church, but also to individuals. We must prove all words before rejecting them. Allow me to give you a personal example before we move onto another principle of response. I once gave a prophetic word to a man in the oil business that he would Six Principles of Proper Response to the Prophetic go into a new business and have a chain of restaurants.

At the time, such a thought had never entered into his mind. For four years he stayed in the oil business and forgot about the prophecy. But when the oil business went bad, an opportunity opened up for him to go into the restaurant businessand he is now opening his third restaurant in that chain.

Prophets and Personal Prophecy

When new thoughts are presented to us in prophecy, we should stay open, write them out, consider them and pray about them. We should wait and see, and remain open, teachable and divinely flexible. When God opens the door of opportunity in the area described, we will already have a confirmation that He is in it.

Word to America - Part 1 by Dr. Bill Hamon

Prophetic confirmations sometimes come before we even know we need one. We can take the personal prophecies we have witnessed to and proven and wage spiritual warfare with them. The kings of Judah and Israel such as David and Jehoshaphat, defeated their enemies based upon personal prophecies they received from a prophet. Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy Joshua also received a specific and individual word about Jericho which makes us realize that prophetic words such as Jehoshaphat's or Joshua's, gave battle strategy that would work because God said to do it a certain way and at a particular time.

This type of word can rightly be called a personal prophecy. These battles were won because the leaders followed specific directions from the Lord for a specific occasion. Warfare entails perseverance and personal prophecy gives us the power to persevere. The Apostle Paul was able to endure great suffering with joy because the man of God had prophesied to him that it was God's will for him to suffer for the name of Christ Jesus. In a prophet gave her a word which contained some things she had not previously thought of, yet she believed the prophet and prospered; she believed God and saw things established.

Part of her prophecy declared that God had made a covenant with her that our children could not and would not marry out of the Lord's will. At the time our two youngest children were not married. Our oldest son, Tim, was already married, and we had all felt an assurance and a witness that Karen was the right one for him.

But our Six Principles of Proper Response to the Prophetic second son, twenty-year-old Tom, was going steady with a Christian girl that both my wife and I felt was not the right one. At the same time, Sherilyn, our eighteen-yearold daughter, was planning to marry a solid Christian young man. Sherilyn's fiance was like a son to us, and we could find no scriptural fault with him.

But my wife could not get peace about their marriage. The couple went ahead and set the wedding date, and Evelyn helped Sherilyn choose her wedding dress and make all the wedding preparations. During this time, my wife was laughing on the outside but crying on the inside because she could not get peace in her spirit about the wedding, even though she mentally agreed to what was happening.

She kept quoting and confessing the prophecy she had received that her children would not marry out of God's will. She repeated privately to the Lord, "God, you gave me a personal prophetic promise that you had made a covenant with me while my children were still in the womb that none of them would marry the wrong person. I did not know that before, Lord, but since you revealed it I am believing your prophet and you, God, for my children to prosper and be established in marriage with your preordained helpmate.

The four of us left in June to itinerate in ministry up till two weeks before the wedding. Everything was set; all that remained was to have the ceremony. Fulfilling Your Personal Prophecy The providential events that followed would require in themselves a whole book to describe. But to tell the story briefly, near the end of our itinerary we arrived in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, where the pastor, Glenn Miller, was a twenty-five-year-old single man engaged to be married himself.

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On the second night of the meetings God spoke separately and independently to Sherilyn and Glenn, telling her, "That's your husband," and telling him, "That's your wife. As it turned out, we all ended up back in Phoenix, Arizona, where we lived at the time, and we went ahead and had the weddingbut with a different groom!

Meanwhile, Tom had broken off his steady relationship with that young lady, had met another beautiful blonde in Bible college, and became engaged to her. I am convinced that their eventual marriage resulted in part because Evelyn had done warfare with her prophecy. All our children are now married in the perfect will of God, with mates God ordained for them. They are prospering greatly and have given us nine beautiful grandchildren. Yes, we can take our proven personal prophecy as a word from the Lord and war a warfare with it that will cause everything to work according to the perfect will of God.

If we believe God, we will be established, but we must also believe His prophets in order to prosper II Chron. Six Principles of Proper Response to the Prophetic 5. For an example, a young man who is committed to Christ and is studying to be a lawyer in law school receives a personal prophecy that says he is called to pastor. Should he quit law school and go into the ministry, should he finish his secular degree, or should he change his major to pastoral studies?

Considering the many options, how should he respond to the word given? My best advice according to biblical pattern is to do nothing different unless definitely directed. Unless God gives us explicit instructions to act upon, the proper response to personal prophecy is simply to continue doing what we have been doing before we received the word of the Lord. This is true even if we have been told of great things we will do in the future! As an example, we see that David was called from tending sheep, and Samuel anointed him to be king over all Israel.

But there were no prophetic indications about when or how this was to come to pass, nor any instructions for David to follow. It was simply a prophetic proclamation.