Liberty in Troubled Times (Practical Liberty)

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The statistics are shocking and the information revealed is profoundly disturbing. It is a very timely book for a South African society adrift from any clear source of moral authority other than its own whims. The warning and the implications for our society are made frighteningly clear.

It is time for the church to fight back, with truth, with courage and with compassion. This book will help us all in that task and we are greatly indebted to the authors. Anyone who is concerned about the future of our children, our families, our society and even Western civilisation, will be well advised to read this book.

As the first step in winning a battle is understanding the nature of the conflict in which we are engaged, as well as the enemy whom we are opposing, it is absolutely necessary to inform ourselves by reading this book if we are to defeat the homosexualist onslaught in our day. Instead, it seeks to protect those who kill the innocent and unborn and those who commit what is an abomination before God. I congratulate the authors for their vision and thank them for their labours in researching and revealing The Pink Agenda for South Africa.

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May this work serve its purpose of helping South Africa to turn from its wicked ways and resultant death, back to the God of abundant Life! She cries out in chief concourses, at the opening of the gates in the city she speaks her words. Slegs dissipels kan ander dissipel. Dan, net soos baie van dr. Hammond se ander boeke, kyk hy na die deurslaggewende betekenis van Herlewing. Erlo Stegen, KwaSizabantu Sending.

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  8. You will benefit greatly from this book. There are many areas of preparation listed in this Security and Survival Handbook. You must read the book.

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    You must learn. You must prepare yourself and your family. You must prepare your Church and your mission. You will never be the same after reading this book. It leaves no room for neutrality. Am I aware of the world around me? Am I prepped, emotionally, physically, spiritually?

    If you do something you may live. If you do nothing, you have a very real chance of dying. If you read this Manual, you have done something. If it saves even one life, then it has fulfilled its objective. As a Mission of Christians from a military background, dedicated to serving persecuted Christians for over 35 years, Frontline Fellowship missionaries have experienced ambushes, aerial bombardments, rocket and artillery fire, thefts, terrorism, capture and imprisonment.

    Utilising the lessons learned through these decades in conflict areas, comes this unique, practical and compact Security and Survival Handbook. How Prepared Are You? If strikes and civil strife cause your water and electricity supplies to be cut off, would you have alternative supplies?

    Thinking About the Holodomor: Part I

    If your home, or church is attacked by terrorists, would you know what to do? Does your Church, or mission, have contingency plans? On a daily basis, how secure are your loved ones and your possessions? Does your church, or mission have a Security Committee, or a person designated and responsible, to consider likely scenarios and take the necessary steps to counter those dangers?

    Do you have a regular sport, or exercise routine to keep you fit, alert and healthy? What can you do to strengthen the security of your home, church or mission? What steps can you take to make your congregation, or mission, a less attractive target for terrorists? Frontline Fellowship P. We are pleased to offer these either individually or as a combination with the Old Testament Survey, with a free copy of Biblical Preaching Handbook included.

    In House. Greatest Century of Missions.

    For Truth, Justice and Liberty - Wikisource, the free online library

    Sketches from South African History. Tien Gebooie, Die. Old Testament Survey. Philip Stott was born in England in He studied at Manchester University, where he obtained B. He lectured at universities in Nigeria and South Africa and carried out research in the analysis of geometrically nonlinear structures. He shared the Henry Adams View Details.

    Peter Hammond has done us all a service in focusing our eyes on the Sudan. This long neglected area requires our urgent attention. Under Fire in South Africa. Quick View.

    Individual Liberty

    New Testament Survey. Praktiese Dissipelskap. That Hideous Strength. Security and Survival Handbook updated.


    Discernment is at all times advised. About About Us.

    The 28 Principles of Liberty

    Contact Us. Calls for radical measures to achieve greater equality of income and wealth by Piketty and others, if realized, would vastly increase the power of government, violate private property rights, dampen market incentives, and increase rent seeking. In contrast, under a just rule of law and limited government, markets would be insulated from redistributive government programs, and rent seeking would be replaced by profit seeking and wealth creation. A judiciary that is active in striking down legislation that violates rights to private property and freedom of contract would change expectations and limit rent seeking.

    The economic and political regimes would then cooperate to produce economic and social harmony.

    chapter i.: introductory.

    Much progress was made in achieving a greater security of property rights up through the early part of the 20th century. The demise of the constitutional perspective has been fueled by a Supreme Court that has largely abandoned its duty of protecting economic rights, especially private property and freedom of contract.

    Contemporary Supreme Court policy largely ignores this understanding with respect to the last item of this trilogy. That may be true as a matter of practice but not principle. Today, many critics of the existing social and economic order operate in an institutional vacuum, ignoring the potential for abuse under majority rule and harboring the illusion that a mere changing of the guard—without any effective change in constitutional rules and enforcement—will improve the operating characteristics of democratic government.

    This is not to deny that people make a difference. Rather, it is to warn that without changes at the constitutional level—in the effective set of rules constraining individual behavior—there is little reason to believe that any significant changes in either public or private behavior will occur. Property rights matter.

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    As McKean pointed out,. In appraising special tools to increase efficiency, one should examine what happens to property rights and appropriability in order to form realistic expectations about the effects. Also, in trying to invent improved devices or institutional changes, or in launching new programs, we should keep the impacts on rights and opportunity sets in the forefront of our minds, and not just assume that good intentions pave the road to economic efficiency.

    Social or distributive justice is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution, and its implementation by forced transfers cannot be sanctioned as a legitimate function of the state when viewed from the higher-law background of the Constitution. Indeed, as Hayek , vol.