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Also, her characters are fleshed out now to the point where I can "see" their expressions and imagine their reactions guess I'm settling in to it all -- but I will not be held accountable if the crew gets suspected of murder again. Oh, and possibly we could have intelligent police officers-- not jump-the-gun, stubborn but outs? Yes, the name dropping continues, but you can skip over that. Aug 07, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: owned , death-on-demand. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This was just ok. I was extremely irritated with Dora, Henny, and Laruel. They kept taking over her class and were incredibly rude. The idea that the editor, Brad, was behind it the whole time was unexpected and an interesting twist. I could not believe he was so mercenary.

The mystery was enjoyable, but the getting there because of having to fight through all the extras, courtesy of the three rude women, took away from the story. I am starting to get very irritated with Henny and Laurel, to the This was just ok. I am starting to get very irritated with Henny and Laurel, to the point where the are making the stories not worth the read and I am considering stopping the series.

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Apr 19, Ivy M rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read. I am really enjoying this series. Annie gets herself into some of the most interesting situations. This book is no exception. She starts out teaching a class on murder mysteries and ends up trying to solve a murder with Max's help.

Class Murder by Leigh Russell - THIS BOOK TRAVELS

The adventure just keeps on coming and you never know for sure what is going to happen next. The clues are dropped at just the right places but if you are not watching for them you will miss them all together. I found myself having trouble putting it down and even fel I am really enjoying this series.

I found myself having trouble putting it down and even fell asleep a couple of nights with it in my hands. I found myself giggling in a few spots at the things that Annie and Max do to try to solve this one. Very Good Read!!! Feb 04, Ronald Wilcox rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. Fifth in the series involving Death on Demand proprietor Annie Darling and her husband.

This time Annie is invited to teach a class on murder mysteries as part of the Journalism department really??? The college paper writes about a theft done by one of the faculty with tragic consequences. Then another faculty member is beaten to death. Annie and Max have to put together who did it. Was not too hard to guess. Fun series but this was not one of the stronger entries. Jan 05, Jane rated it did not like it Shelves: Punted this one at page With the exception of the main character and her husband, every single character introduced was a jerk. I really need some characters that I can like to keep going, and I didn't care for the writing style that dropped a bunch of extraneous facts throughout.

I punted at the faculty meeting which has the stereotypical professors: the drunkard, the womanizer, the pompous ass, the troublemaker, the mousy female This book was just not for me. Nov 06, Vanessa rated it it was amazing. I had a hard time figuring out who the murder was in this mystery!

Rape is not 'sex', and 'broken hearts' don't cause murder. Women are dying – and language matters

Normally I can figure out the who, what, when, where and why before the ending. I think I've read too many books! This is book five in the Death on Demand series. Annie teaches a class at a local college, some familiar characters enroll in her class, murder happens, Max and Annie along with Henny, Laurel, and Miss Dora solve the crimes.

Most enjoyable. Jul 18, Pshorten rated it liked it Shelves: mysteries. I have to ask myself why I'm reading these books. I love murder mysteries and I love series books but this series is insipid. The main character is silly and unbelievable, the entire cast dresses to the nines skirts on college women, seriously , the homes are perfect. Truly dreadful but I keep reading them. Apr 26, Lisa Morin rated it really liked it.

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I recently began to re read this series. I love Max and Annie and the other characters are so quirky, I can't help but laugh at their far out antics.

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  4. Going back and reading the earlier books in the series is fun and it definitely shows how the author has shaped each and every character. It's nice to visit with these wonderful people again. Aug 27, Michele rated it really liked it. Love the Death on Demand series Apr 05, Jennifer rated it liked it. I think it's time for a break from this series. I find myself often annoyed by the regular characters and I've noticed a trend that makes it all too easy to identify the killer in each book.

    So far in the series, at least. I'm hoping that in later books Hart changes things up and makes it a bit more of a challenge for the reader. Mar 28, bookczuk rated it liked it Shelves: bookcrossing , cozy-type-mystery. I got into this author because, though she is not local, she writes about a fictional island off the coast near Charleston I wish we had a bookstore like Annie's though! Sep 11, Jim rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this story, in fact is is probably the best of the half-dozen I have read by the author.

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    I have some quibbles but they are minor and have to do more with the authors style than with the story. A good, solid mystery. Jan 02, Anita rated it really liked it. It was a great mystery, but too much emphasis on other mystery writers and their stories can make it a tedious read sometimes. But, overall the mystery was satisfying. I will read another from this series.


    Jan 12, Wendy rated it liked it. A little preachy and not much focus on the ladies more about fighting on why certain stories and authors were or were not included Jan 02, Conni Harness rated it it was amazing. Love this series. Jul 04, Jim Hager rated it really liked it. I will look for more by this author.

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    The way they frame that information — the words they use, the level of coverage and importance given to a story, the type of details that might be emphasised or omitted — influences how we think of it. Jill Meagher, ABC staffer, was one of their own. They reported her death as the tragic event it was. The response was overwhelming. People in her community got in touch to tell me about the rage they felt seeing Tracy dehumanised by every newspaper in the country.

    Women from all over the world sent me headlines from their local news outlets, saying journalists turned murdered women into salacious, sensationalised clickbait. The most heartbreaking were the people who knew and loved a murdered woman, and had to watch as the media blamed her for her own murder and made excuses for the man who killed her. Not just in crime reports but also in political reporting, sports reporting, even articles about musicians and artists.

    Women are not people in the eyes of the news, at least not the way men are. After responding to the treatment of Tracy in the media, I continued writing articles and blogposts about it, but nothing ever really cut through. I pulled out my phone, fixed the headline and snapped it back on Twitter. Fixed It was born. Here you go newscomauHQ I fixed it for you.

    I was making the fixes on a daily basis and posting them on a website I had originally set up as a focal point for my freelance writing. My book of the same name is the culmination of all that work.