The Pandora Prescription

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The Pandora Prescription

Flag Post Message 7 of This is the latest info I have received from Fitbit Now, we'd like to let you know that upon checking in our system we noticed that the Fitbit Versa has a pending Firmware update available, and this may be the reason why it's not transferring your Pandora's stations. With this in mind, we suggest you follow the steps indicated in the article How do I update my Fitbit device?

I have done the update but still having issues downloading Pandora stations. I have an email back to Fitbit letting them know whats going on. I will say Fitbit's team has been amazing! Hope this helps you! Flag Post Message 8 of Flag Post Message 9 of Flag Post Message 10 of Flag Post Message 11 of I am having the same problem - ugh. Flag Post Message 12 of Was it fixed? Flag Post Message 13 of Flag Post Message 14 of Absolutely the truth.

If one already have Pandora syncing should be easy and hassle free. Flag Post Message 15 of I already had it and it still won't sync. Flag Post Message 16 of No never fixed Flag Post Message 17 of I am still waiting for a solution to this Pandora syncing situation. I even found the conspiracy theories and other "revelations" to be interesting - the more factually based, i. Russian spies, the Kennedy assassination, a major medical cover-up It sounds like the book would be all over the place trying to bring too many elements into the story but the author did a great job of incorporating them all and providing the reader with that critical link that pulled all the pieces together.

Overall, I found this to be a very good book and would recommend it to someone interested in a fast, compelling read with a healthy dose of suspense and intrigue! Also, I think it's worth mentioning after reading some of the other reviews: This is a work of fiction based on some factual elements.

Authors bend the truth in a way that fits into their story-writing. The Pandora Prescription is not a history book, it is a novel. Apr 09, tatiana rated it liked it. Despite my inner protestations to the possibility of liking this "truth-or-fiction" book, I found each quick, catchy little chapters compelling enough to get me to move on to the next one. Then the next. Before you could say "Da Vinci Code", I'd finished a possibly true?

Could it be??? And Elvis Or, worse, wants to do something about it??!? Who does he think he is, anyway that godless pinko commie bastard? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I've seen a few reviews that mention the writing style and errors, but don't really touch on the story behind the story, which is that the government will find a way to cover up it's mess and try very well not to let anyone in on the secret.

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Alright, now that that's done, I could not put this book down. This book involves an author, Dan Travis, who is drawn into a governmental conspiracy by Clinton Lablanc, who is a secret service agent. The government has covered up a drug, Laetrile, and they try to uncover the truth and let the general public know. Great read!

ISBN 13: 9780981453637

Good plot! Great information on a government conspiracy! If you like to read, pick this one up. Apr 20, Kristance Harlow rated it liked it. I liked this book and how it used extreme conspiracy theories to fuel the plot. That is a very tiny part in the book and was completely unnecessary, without it I would have loved the book because it was such a page turner but I feel so strongly about that issue that it really brought down my opinion of the book. I would still encourage people to read this book, it's fast paced and has a kick ass female char I liked this book and how it used extreme conspiracy theories to fuel the plot.

I would still encourage people to read this book, it's fast paced and has a kick ass female character in it. It's a complete fictional story but most of the history and conspiracies that make up the mystery and excitement are true except that HIV bull. Mar 13, Kate rated it liked it.

- The Pandora Prescription by James Sheridan

I enjoyed this book immensely. It was full of conspiracy theories and espionage-inspired action. It was more or less about laetrile, a derivative of apricots.

I remember the big laetrile publicity from the s, when my brother had cancer. I always wanted to understand how it was supposed to work. This book did a great job of breaking down complex medical information so it was comprehensible. In another life when I wasn't teaching 10 hours a day , it would prompt me to do more laetrile resear I enjoyed this book immensely. Jun 28, Rosanna Shen rated it it was ok.

A bit disappointed. Replace Travis with Robert Langdon, any medical terms with religious or catholic or masonic, than you've got the Lost Symbol all over again. Even the plots where professor Travis talks about little unknown interesting history bits are similar to those in Dan Brown's books..

The Pandora Prescription

The analysis to the inside of the medical cartel, though, is not detailed and insightful I did, however, eat more almonds now. Sep 10, Heather Davis rated it liked it. The writing style was just as bad as Dan Brown's however the content is extraordinary. It's disgusting to think that if this were true, the government and some of the medical community are outright killing people for money.

The book was almost banned which says to me that someone is trying to hide something I know nothing on the subject however I'm in the process of researching the information and hopefully will find some answers. Aug 11, Ana Rusness-petersen added it. I think basically everything about this book was perfect. I bought it because it sounded like an interesting plot, but also because the cover looked intriguing, it was a thick book with a flexible cover, and had old style rugged edges.

And it didn't let me down.

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I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read! May 05, Terra rated it liked it. This book is not super well-written, but it's definitely interesting.

Medicare prescription drug/reform act: medicine chest or Pandora's box?

Written by someone who was "in the know" re: covert government activities. It inspired me to look up the facts behind the fiction. Very fast-paced.